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Services that I can offer clients are;

*Postural Analysis Assessment

*One 2 One Pilates tuition

*Back Care -specific focus on developing and maintaining a healthy back.

* Pilates exercises for hip/knee rehabilitation

Are your aches and pains being caused by poor postural alignment in your everyday life?

A postural analysis

assessment when standing,walking and performing various exercises will provide a basis on which I can build your personal Pilates programme.

Posture is the alignment between various parts of the body - good posture underlies all exercise techniques as posture is the foundation for movement. Incorrect posture has many adverse effects, allowing physical stress to build up ultimately leading to pain, injury and general inability to function optimally in everyday activities.

In relation to your posture important components are FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH. A Pilates progamme designed specifically for your needs can be made following a postural assessment to help address areas of weakness with a view to strengthening and realigning the body.

Postural Assessment with written analysis feedback plus a Personal Pilates session with programme tailored specifically for you .


If you would like Pilates training One to One rather than in a class setting I can provide a one hour personal Pilates tuition.

Holistic Therapy

for mind, body and spirit to enhance your health, vitality and wellbeing.

For that special gift

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or special occasion gift.

FlutterbyTherapies has beautiful Gift vouchers available. The Gift voucher may be used for any of the therapies listed on the website Holistic Therapies pages or for One to One Pilates sessions.

Gift vouchers may also be appreciated by those who already attend my Pilates classes as they can be used as payment for block fees at any time during the year.

Val @ Flutterby Therapies.