Flutterby Therapies offers a range of complementary/holistic therapies

Treatments can be given in the warmth and comfort of my therapy room or I will make a home visit to bring therapies to you in your own home if required.

Here are the treatments I can provide.

Holistic Body Massage.

An extremely relaxing and restorative treatment using Swedish Massage techniques and meridian work to promote stress relief,improve circulation and lymphatic drainage - re-balancing the body and mind. I can also incorporate specific techniques giving a deeper massage suitable for those actively involved in sporting activities ( pre/post event/maintenance massage)

Full body £40.           Back neck shoulders £20.

Thai Foot/leg massage.

Working through the feet and legs,elements ofShiatsu,Reflexology,Chinese massage and Yoga are incorporated into this massage. It is a fantastic treatment with many physical,mental and subtle benefits for the whole body working from the feet. It can help promote a sense of peace and tranquillity,alleviate stress,improve circulation,help with poor sleeping and boost the body's energy.

60min treatment £30.     30min treatment £15.

Indian Head Massage. Relax and unwind with this Ayurvedic treatment to soothe away stress and tension from the upper back, shoulders neck, head and face. A brilliant stress buster which will eliminate muscle tension,stimulate circulation,soothe and re-balance the energy flow bringing you a sense of calmness and tranquillity. Great for improving sleep! £25

Reiki -a natural healing energy.

Reiki is a non invasive therapy which is gentle yet powerful and may be used safely alongside orthodox healthcare. It is used to treat a client holistically and to restore homeostasis

(natural balance) in the body. No clothing is removed and the client receives treatment seated or lying down with the therapist placing hands gently on or over the body. A hugely beneficial treatment which is deeply relaxing and has a profound calming effect not only on the physical body but also on the mind, spirit and emotions thus promoting a sense of peaceful harmony,balance and well being. £25     

Mini magic treats -these are Blissful 10 minute therapies to add to your main treatment giving you that 'floating on air' feeling of peace and calm . 

For an Additional £5 you may choose from

*Indian Head Massage * Arm and hand massage* Reiki balance*

* Thai foot and lower leg massage * 

Flutterby Fusion - Signature Treatment a combination of therapies tailored to your requirements eg Back, neck and shoulder massage plus Thai foot massage - a lovely soothing 60 minute treat. Other fusion treatments available on request - I can create what you need for that extra special therapy treat!     £40

Gift vouchers available for all therapies.

For appointments please phone Val 01577 864020 or 07739827735

Email [email protected]