Tabata exercises for Pilates at home

Here are some sets of exercises which will keep you in shape. The exercises can be done with several repetitions of each or set your watch and do 30 secs of each with a 15 sec rest interval gradually increasing you exercise time to 45 secs and keep the 15 secs rest.

Remember its quality not quantity that will get the results and ensure you engage the core muscles properly by using the breath to recruit the correct muscles.


     From standing perform a roll down and up

  • Spinal rotation arms shoulder level
  • Side reach/lateral flexion
  • (Roll down slowly to floor on all 4’s) Catstretch
  • Plank – any position suitable for ability
  • (Roll onto back) Ab prep
  • Hundred
  • Leg slide / opposite arm float back
  • Shoulder bridge
  • Legs extend to ceiling hold behind thigh, head looking to pubic bone
  • Full body stretch and relax.


     From standing roll down and up

  • Calf raises and parallel squats
  • Spinal rotation with arms held out at shoulder level
  • (Roll to floor and walk hands out) Plank position suitable for ability
  • Side lying R leg circle> double leg raise
  • (Roll onto back) Legs at table top Ab curl with legs at table top
  • Single leg stretch with criss cross work the obliques
  • Full roll up
  • (Roll onto side)Side lying L leg circle> double leg raise
  • Shoulder bridge
  • Lumbar spinal rolls side to side then roll like a ball to seated and stand

DAILY TABATA 3 (Kneeling/all 4’s)

      From upright kneeling position on mat perform spinal rotation arms shoulder level.

  • Lateral flexion/side bends
  • Kneeling ab crunch into back extension
  • Diagonal reaches – make a tree!
  • Fold arms across body flex at hips then open out across chest taking arms wide to sides - open wide across the chest and collar bone.
  • Walk hands out to plank-full or modified to suit ability.
  • On all 4’s move into thread the needle to wok the thoracic spine area
  • Superman
  • Catstretch
  • Move back to crouch on feet with hands on floor go into roll up to standing to align posture and roll down and up to finish.


  •  Ski swings (warms up whole body)
  • Leg matrix lunges to front,side back and back diagonal (then roll down to)
  • Plank (position to suit your ability)
  • Lie prone (on your front) and lift opposite arm and leg (then move to side lying)
  • Double leg raise (then roll onto back)
  • Hundred (in position to suit ability)
  • Single leg stretch (criss cross optional)
  • Abdominal crunch taking legs from floor to table top while bringing upper body into ab curl.
  • Shoulder bridge (with additions to suit ability eg leg raise and lower)
  • Glute stretches/hamstring stretches and lumbar rolls. 

Finish with full body stretch,roll to hands and knees,crouch onto feet and roll up to standing whilst aligning posture correctly by lengthening the spine.