As the winter is upon us there are likely to be times when you may wonder if classes are on or not.

Here is my winter weather policy - you will be contacted either by myself(Val) or Eve Chambers.

  • Please ensure I have your most up to date contact details preferably a mobile number as that is the quickest and easiest way to contact you.
  • I will contact you by mobile,landline or email to ensure you know about class changes/cancellations.
  • If I need to cancel classes either Mon or Wed evenings I will do so by 4pm.
  • If Wed morning classes are cancelled I will do so by 9am on the day.
  • I will always post a notice on the website to keep you updated so please try to check it.
  • I am happy for you to text/phone or email me at any time if you are unsure about classes being on.
  • Make sure you put my contact details into your phone/email contacts also.
  • When there are no classes I will try to put up a Tabata for you to follow.

Pilates exercise Tabata.

  • From standing take breath in and breathe out as you roll down and up
  • Spinal rotation arms shoulder level
  • Lateral flexion -side reach
  • (Roll to floor on all 4’s) Catstretch
  • Plank – position suitable for your ability
  • (Roll onto back) Ab prep with knees bent feet on floor or legs at table top
  • Hundred
  • Leg slide / opposite arm float back
  • Shoulder bridge
  • Side lying R leg circle> double leg raise
  • (Roll onto back) Legs at table top -toe tap to floor
  • Single leg stretch with criss cross to work the obliques
  • (Roll onto side)Side lying L leg circle> double leg raise
  • Roll onto back lengthen into full body stretch
  • Full roll up to seated

  • To finish Legs extend to ceiling hold behind thigh,then curl in knees to chest and roll like a ball to seated -move onto knees then to feet parallel and stack up the spine to stand in alignment.

You can do this whole tabata sequence two or three times. Well done - gold star for you !!!

My mobile is 07739827735 - [email protected] please contact me at anytime if you are unsure about class times/cancellations.